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  It's THERE!!!

Jan 13, 2014 -- After decades of work, a new groundbreaking, modern introductory physics textbook that builds up physics from conservation principles is out. You can request an instructor copy on the Pearson web site. More

Principles and Practice of Physics
Principles and Practice of Physics

See also: Principles and Practice of Physics 1e, Eric Mazur (Pearson, London, 2015)

Korean PI Manual

Apr 2, 2013 -- Eric Mazur's book, Peer Instruction: A User's Manual, is now available in Korean. The Korean translation by Professor Jung Bog Kim, follows the Chinese and Spanish translation of the book. More

Korean Peer Instruction
Korean Peer Instruction

  New publication on Peer Instruction and Learning Catalytics

Mar 11, 2013 -- Catalyzing Learner Engagement Using Cutting-Edge Classroom Response Systems in Higher Education More

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Green Photonics Award

Feb 27, 2013 -- The Mazur group received the Green Photonics award at the Photonics West in San Francisco for "The photovoltaic potential of femtosecond-laser textured amorphous silicon." The award was presented to Meng-Ju Sher, Benjamin Franta, Kenneth Hammond, Lysander Christakis, and Eric Mazur More

  Outstanding Research Award

Feb 5, 2013 -- The Mazur Group received a 2013 Outstanding Research Award from Biophotonic Solutions for advances in direct laser writing. The award was presented to Kevin Vora during Photonics West in San Francisco. More

New Quick Start Guide on Peer Instruction Available

Jan 15, 2013 -- Use this quick start guide to start using Peer Instruction in your class. More


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