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  The Mazur Group has two New Graduates!

May 29, 2016 -- Congratulations to Benjamin A. Franta and Michael G. Moebius, our newest Mazur Group Drs!

Best Student Paper Award

Dec 4, 2015 -- Orad Reshef received the NKT Photonics Student award at MRS 2015 in Boston for "Nonlinear Phase-Matching in 2D Integrated Zero-Index Metamaterials." This work was done in collaboration with Yang Li, Philip Muñoz, Mei Yin, Daryl I Vulis, Lysander Christakis, Shota Kita, Marko Loncar and Eric Mazur. More

Professor Boltasseva presenting the award to Orad Reshef
Professor Boltasseva presenting the award to Orad Reshef

  Zero-index Makes a Big Impact

Oct 20, 2015 -- Our work on zero-index metamaterials has been featured on the cover of this month’s issue of Nature Photonics! We designed and fabricated a nano-scale composite with a refractive index equal to zero. (All natural materials have a refractive index greater than 1). In this regime, the wavelength is infinitely long, leading to some interesting behavior. To demonstrate its performance, we measured a beam of light refracting through a prism made from this metamaterial. More

Nature Photonics, Nov. 2015
Nature Photonics, Nov. 2015

See also: Li, Y., Kita, S., Muñoz, P., Reshef, O., Vulis, D. I., Yin, M., Lončar, M. & Mazur, E. (2015). On-chip zero-index metamaterials. Nature Photonics, 9(11), 738–742.

Mazur wins Inaugural Minerva Prize

May 20, 2014 -- On May 20, 2014, the Minerva Academy announced Dr. Eric Mazur as the first winner of the Minerva Prize for Advancements in Higher Education. In recognizing Dr. Mazur for his significant contributions to improving higher education, the Academy specifically noted his development of Peer Instruction, an innovative teaching method that incorporates interactive pedagogy into the classroom and has been recognized worldwide for driving dramatic improvements in student learning. More

Minerva Prize winner
Minerva Prize winner

See also: Harvard Magazine, May 2014

  It's THERE!!!

Jan 13, 2014 -- After decades of work, a new groundbreaking, modern introductory physics textbook that builds up physics from conservation principles is out. You can request an instructor copy on the Pearson web site. More

Principles and Practice of Physics
Principles and Practice of Physics

See also: Principles and Practice of Physics 1e, Eric Mazur (Pearson, London, 2015)

Korean PI Manual

Apr 2, 2013 -- Eric Mazur's book, Peer Instruction: A User's Manual, is now available in Korean. The Korean translation by Professor Jung Bog Kim, follows the Chinese and Spanish translation of the book. More

Korean Peer Instruction
Korean Peer Instruction


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