Teaching Introductory Physics, Conservation Laws First: An NSF Faculty Enhancement Conference
June 15 - 26, 1998, Cambridge, MA


A two-week conference to develop materials for teaching introductory physics with an emphasis on conservation laws was held June 15 - 26, 1998 on the campus of Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts (schedule). The goal of the conference, funded by the National Science Foundation and chaired by Prof. Eric Mazur and Dr. Catherine Crouch, was to familiarize faculty interested in excellence in teaching with this new approach, to provide opportunities to work together on materials for this new curriculum, and to develop relationships and share ideas. Forty faculty from two-year colleges, four-year colleges, and universities were selected to attend from over ninety applicants.

We have made most of the conference materials, including both the invited speakers' presentations and the teaching materials developed at the conference, available through Project Galileo; we invite you to examine these materials!

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