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Mixed two- and three-photon absorption in bulk rutile (TiO2) around 800 nm

Christopher Evans, Jonathan Bradley, Erwin Marti and Eric Mazur

Optics Express, 20, 3118-3128 (2012).  export citation

DOI: 10.1364/OE.20.003118

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We observe mixed two- and three-photon absorption in bulk rutile (TiO2) around 800 nm using the open aperture Z-scan technique. We fit the data with an extended model that includes multiphoton absorption, beam quality, and ellipticity. The extracted two- and three-photon absorption coefficients are below 1 mm/GW and 2 mm3/GW2, respectively. We observe negligible two-photon absorption for 813-nm light polarized along the extraordinary axis. We measure the nonlinear index of refraction and obtain two-photon nonlinear figures of merit greater than 1.1 at 774 nm and greater than 12 at 813 nm. Similarly, we obtain three-photon figures of merit that allow operational intensities up to 0.57 GW/mm2. We conclude that rutile is a promising material for all-optical switching applications around 800 nm.

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posted: Jan 30, 2012

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