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Integrated TiO2 resonators for visible photonics

Jennifer Choy, Jonathan D.B. Bradley, Parag Deotare, Ian B. Burgess, Christopher C. Evans, Eric Mazur and Marko Loncar

Opt. Lett., 37, 539-541 (2012).  export citation

DOI: 10.1364/OL.37.000539

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We demonstrate waveguide-coupled titanium dioxide (TiO2) racetrack resonators with loaded quality factors of 2.2 × 104 for the visible wavelengths. The structures were fabricated in sputtered TiO2 thin films on oxidized silicon substrates using standard top-down nanofabrication techniques, and passively probed in transmission measure- ments using a tunable red laser.

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posted: Feb 11, 2012

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