Nonlinear Phase-Matching in 2D Integrated Zero-Index Metamaterials, at MRS: Optical Metamaterials - From New Plasmonic Materials to Metasurface Devices (Boston, MA), Wednesday, December 2, 2015:
    Nonlinear optics play an important role in many applications in photonics and quantum optics, such as in frequency conversion, sensing, and entangled-photon generation. The strong field confinement obtained by the transition to an integrated platform has led to unprecedented nonlinear figures of merit and the miniaturization of nonlinear devices. However, phase-matching remains an essential component to nonlinear processes and represents a significant obstacle, with many different free-space and on-chip techniques being developed to circumvent its constraints. Recently, a 1-dimensional... Read more about Nonlinear Phase-Matching in 2D Integrated Zero-Index Metamaterials