Ultrafast Phase Transitions in Semiconductors, at 2000 MRS Fall Meeting (Boston, MA), Tuesday, November 28, 2000:
    We present measurements of the dielectric function of various semiconducting materials (c-GaAs, a-GaAs and GeSb thin-films) over a broad energy range (1.5 - 3.5 eV) with a time resolution of 70 fs after the excitation with an ultrashort laser pulse. The time evolution of the dielectric function provides a wealth of information that allows identification and tracking of the electronic and structural dynamics triggered by the pump pulse. At elevated fluence levels all materials undergo a semiconductor to metal transitions.
    Ultrafast laser-processing of materials, at APS March Meeting (Indianapolis, IN), Monday, March 18, 2002:
    The dielectric function response of Te to ultrashort pulse laser excitation reveals oscillatory behavior in the bonding-antibonding split due to the presence of coherent phonons, suggesting a THz-driven semiconductor-semimetal transition.
    Ultrafast laser-induced structural and electronic changes in solids, at PIERS 1997 (Hong Kong), Tuesday, January 7, 1997:
    For over two decades the subject of laser-induced phase transitions in semiconductors has generated considerable interest. This interest is due to the technological importancee of semiconductors and the research in this field was in part driven by the hope of developing better methods for the annealing of ion-implated semiconductors. More recently, femtosecond laser pulses have made it possible to study highly non-equilibrium electron and lattice dynamics in seminconductors. In this talk we first present an overview of work on laser-induced structural and electronic changes in solids, and... Read more about Ultrafast laser-induced structural and electronic changes in solids