Ultrafast Lattice-Bonding Dynamics in Tellurium, at CLEO/QELS 2002 (Long Beach, CA), Tuesday, May 21, 2002:
    We measure the ordinary and extraordinary dielectric function of Te with femtosecond time resolution after coherent phonons are generated with an ultrashort laser pulse. The results reveal oscillatory behavior in the bonding-antibonding split at ~ 3 THz.
    Ultrafast Lattice-Bonding Dynamics of Tellurium, at Ultrafast Electronics and Optoelectronics 2003 Conference (Washington, DC), Wednesday, January 15, 2003:
    A pump-probe technique measuring the dielectric function is presented and applied to the ultrafast dynamics of coherent phonons in Te. Oscillations in the bonding-antibonding splitting are revealed, allowing for THz modulation of a semiconductor-semimetal transition.