Nanosurgery in live cells using ultrashort laser pulses, at 2005 SPIE Photonics West Conference (San Jose, CA), Tuesday, January 25, 2005:
    We selectively disrupted the cytoskeletal network of a live bovine capillary endothelial cell using ultrashort laser pulses. We image the microtubules in the cytoskeleton of the cultured cells using green fluorescent protein. The cells are placed on a custom-built inverted fluorescence microscope setup, using a 1.4 NA oil-immersion objective to both image the cell and focus the laser radiation into the cell samples. The laser delivers 100-fs laser pulses centered at 800 nm at a repetition rate of 1 kHz; the typical energy delivered at the sample is 1–5nJ. The fluorescent image of the cell is... Read more about Nanosurgery in live cells using ultrashort laser pulses