Maximizing intensity in TiO2 waveguides for nonlinear optics, at Photonics West (San Francisco, California), Wednesday, February 6, 2013:
    Titanium dioxide (TiO2) represents an attractive candidate for nonlinear optical devices due its high transparency, large refractive index, and large Kerr nonlinearity. Using electron beam lithography and a liftoff procedure, we can structure both amorphous TiO2 as well as polycrystalline anatase thin films to create photonic devices that exploit the material’s properties in order to do nonlinear optics. Nonlinear optics benefit from long interactions, necessitating large intensities along long waveguide lengths. For this reason, waveguide losses need to be minimized. We study the effects... Read more about Maximizing intensity in TiO2 waveguides for nonlinear optics
    Phase-Matching in Dirac-Cone-Based Zero-Index Metamaterials, at CLEO: Science and Innovations (San Jose, CA), Sunday, June 5, 2016:
    Using nonlinear scattering theory, we simulate nonlinear signal generation in 2-dimensional zero-index metamaterials based on a photonic Dirac cone at the G point. We observe unique phase-matching in multiple simultaneous directions as the index approaches zero.