Rethinking Student Learning Evaluation in Higher Education, at Program on Innovative Teaching and Learning in Chile, Harvard University: LASPAU (Cambridge, MA, USA), Tuesday, November 1, 2011:
    Open the doors to any classroom across the globe and you will observe an almost universal model for the evaluation of student learning. Instructors stand at the front of a lecture hall, teach content, students (at least we hope) attempt to learn that content, and then instructors evaluate that content learning through traditional assessments such as multiple-choice exams, quizzes, or research papers. Most of these conventional approaches to evaluation are one-dimensional and not aligned with overarching learning goals that relate to competencies students actually need to progress successfully... Read more about Rethinking Student Learning Evaluation in Higher Education
    Unlocking the secrets to student success: Real strategies for your classroom, at Second Program on Innovative Teaching and Learning: Chile, LASPAU-Affiliated with Harvard University (Cambridge, MA), Friday, May 4, 2012:
    Improving student success is one of the most pressing issues in higher education across the world. Too often, despite succeeding in secondary classrooms, students are entering college underprepared to engage in the rigors of undergraduate study, which results in a number of consequences for institutions. High drop out, failure, and withdrawal rates limit students’ abilities to take full advantage of their college experience and reach their highest potential. Failing to intervene in the success problem has substantial cost implications for institutions, instructors, and societies within... Read more about Unlocking the secrets to student success: Real strategies for your classroom
    Using Clickers with Peer Instruction, at Turning Technologies Webinar (Austin, TX), Tuesday, October 8, 2013:
    Peer Instruction is a teaching method that leverages the power of cutting-edage learning technologies, such as clickers, to transform learning. The centerpiece of Peer Instruction is the ConcepTest, a short interactive question that helps uncover student misconceptions. In this presentation, we will discuss three big questions frequently posed by clicker and Peer Instruction users: Should I ask my students to vote on ConcepTests first, before turning to their neighbor to discuss? Should I show my students the results of their responses, before I cue them to turn to their neighbors? And, how... Read more about Using Clickers with Peer Instruction