T. B. Simpson, E. Mazur, K. K. Lehmann, I. Burak, and N. Bloembergen. 1983. “The infrared multiphoton excitation and photochemistry of DN3.” J. Chem. Phys., 79, Pp. 3373–3381. Publisher's VersionAbstract
    Multiphoton excitation and dissociation of DN3 by short CO2 laser pulses is shown to be a collisionless process. The characteristic features of this multiphoton process are systematically studied. The average number of photons absorbed per DN3 molecule and the absolute dissociation yield show a strong dependence on the peak laser intensity. Resonantly enchanced coherent multiphoton excitation, rather than stepwise incoherent excitation, is suggested. The primary dissociation products of DN3 are ND[1delta] and N2. Formation of vibrationally excited ND[1delta] intermediates is suggested. The reactions of ND[1delta] with DN3 lead to chemiluminescent signals originating from the formation of electronically excited ND2[2A1] and ND[3II]. Formation of the ND[3II] intermediate is attributed to a reaction of ND[1delta] and vibrationally excited DN3 molecules: ND[1delta]+DN3-ND[3II]+ND[3-]+N2.