Flipping the STEM classroom: How to turn your students' worlds right-side up 

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Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Mount Royal University (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

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STEM faculty all over the globe are turning their students' worlds around by flipping their classrooms. In a flipped class, teachers typically move information coverage out of the lecture hall so that they can better leverage in-class time to address student difficulties and misconceptions about STEM subject matter. Some teachers are even flipping laboratories.  In this workshop, Dr. Julie Schell will introduce the flipped classroom technique, review its history, and present two practical strategies teachers can use to design learning environments that facilitate student engagement with STEM subject-matter both in and outside of class. Attendees will experience live demonstrations of one flipped class technique called Peer Instruction and a new classroom response systems that allows STEM faculty to design and deliver questions that go beyond multiple choice formats.