Fourier transform heterodyne spectroscopy: a simple novel technique with ultrahigh (150 mHz) resolution, at EICOLS '87 Conference (Åre, Sweden), Monday, June 1, 1987
Light beating spectroscopy has been used from the early days of the laser to study light scattering. By detecting the beating signal between the scattered light and a 'local oscillator' field derived from the same laser, resolving powers of 10^14 have been achieved. The Fourier transform heterodyne spectroscopy presented here is simpler and more direct than the conventional heterodyne techniques using autocorrelators or spectrum analyzers.
The interaction of infrared radiation with isolated molecules: intramolecular nonequilibrium, at Lasers ¹86 Conference (Orlando, FL), Saturday, November 1, 1986
Anti-Stokes signals from various modes of isolated, infrared multiple photon excited molecules are measured to determine the intramolecular distribution of vibrational energy. This paper presents results for CF2HCl, CF2Cl2, SF6 and 1,1-C2H4F2. All but CF2HCl exhibit collisionless changes in Raman spectrum after infrared multiphoton excitation. This shows that the excitation modifies the population of these modes. Even though the symmetric SF6 molecule reaches an intramolecular equilibrium within the 20 ns time resolution of the experiment, the other molecules exhibit a distinct nonequilibrium... Read more about The interaction of infrared radiation with isolated molecules: intramolecular nonequilibrium