Stopping Time, at William Mong Distinguished Lecture, The University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong, Hong Kong), Wednesday, November 5, 1997
3-D Optical data storage in transparent materials, at International Symposium on Optical Memory and Optical Data Storage (Maui, HI), Sunday, June 1, 1997
We present a novel method for 3-D optical data storage and internal engraving that has submicron-size resolution, provides a large contrast in index of refraction, and is applicable to a wide range of transparent materials.
Laser induced microexplosions in transparent materials, at CLEO/QELS '97 (Baltimore, MD), Friday, May 23, 1997
We recently discovered that 200-nm diameter structures can be created inside transparent materials by ultrafast-laser driven microexplosions. Applications include high-density 3-D data storage, fabrication of 3-D optical elements, and novel materials processing. We present the results of optical and structural examinations and discuss the physical processes involved.