Generation of dual-wavelength, synchronized, tunable, high-energy, femtosecond laser pulses with nearly perfect Gaussian spatial profile


We use self-phase modulation in a single-mode fiber to produce broadband femtosecond laser pulses. Subsequent amplification through two Bethune cells yields high-energy, tunable, pulses synchronized with the output of an amplified colliding-pulse-modelocked (CPM) laser. We routinely obtain tunable 200-J pulses of 42-fs (FWHM) duration with a nearly perfect Gaussian spatial profile. Although self-phase modulation in a single-mode fiber is widely used in femtosecond laser systems, amplification of a figer-generated supercontinuum in a Bethune cell amplifier is a new feature which maintains the high-quality spatial profile while providing high gain. This laser system is particularly well suited for high energy dual-wavelength pump-probe experiments and time-resolved four-wave mixing spectroscopy.
Last updated on 07/24/2019