Teaching and physics education research: bridging the gap


J. M. Fraser, A. L. Timan, K. Anne Miller, J. Edward Dowd, L. Tucker, and E. Mazur. 2014. “Teaching and physics education research: bridging the gap.” Reports on Progress in Physics, 77, Pp. 032401–032417. Publisher's Version


Physics faculty, experts in evidence-based research, often rely on anecdotal experience to guide their teaching practices. Adoption of research-based instructional strategies is surprisingly low, despite the large body of physics education research (PER) and strong dissemination effort of PER researchers and innovators. Evidence-based PER has validated specific non-traditional teaching practices, but many faculty raise valuable concerns toward their applicability. We address these concerns and identify future studies required to overcome the gap between research and practice.
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Last updated on 07/24/2019