Using JiTT with Peer Instruction


J. Watkins and E. Mazur. 2009. “Using JiTT with Peer Instruction.” In Just in Time Teaching Across the Disciplines, edited by Scott Simkins and Mark Maier, Pp. 39–62. Stylus Publishing. Publisher's Version


eer Instruction (PI) is an interactive teaching technique that promotes classroom interaction to engage students and address difficult aspects of the material (Crouch, Watkins, Fagen, & Mazur, 2007; Crouch & Mazur, 2001; Mazur, 1997). By providing opportunities for students to discuss concepts in class, PI allows students to learn from each other. However, for this method to be most effective, students need to come to class with some basic understand- ing of the material. Just-in-Time Teaching (JiTT) is an ideal complement to PI, as JiTT structures students' reading before class and provides feedback so the instructor can tailor the PI questions to target student difficulties. Separately, both JiTT and PI provide students with valuable feedback on their learning at different times in the process – JiTT works asynchronously out of class, and PI gives real-time feedback. Together, these methods help students and instructors monitor learning as it happens, strengthening the benefits of this feedback. As this chapter details, the combination of these methods is useful for improving student learning and skill development.
Last updated on 07/25/2019