Electron-beam-induced oxidation of benzene to phenol in C6H6/O2/Pt(111)

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Tuesday, March 23, 1999


APS Centennial Meeting 1999 (Atlanta, GA)

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We have observed the formation of phenol when C6H6/O2/Pt(111) is exposed to a beam of electrons with energy on the order of 10-100 eV. With this sample preparation, the oxygen is bound directly to the platinum; the benzene overlayer does not displace the oxygen and chemisorb to the platinum. In contrast, no electron-beam-induced phenol production is observed when the benzene and oxygen are applied in the reverse order, for O2/C6H6/Pt(111). Following exposure to the electron beam, the yield of phenol is measured during temperature-programmed desorption. In the absence of the electron beam, no thermally-induced yield of phenol is observed for either C6H6/O2/Pt(111) or O2/C6H6/Pt(111)