Femtosecond Techniques for Materials Scientists

Presentation Date: 

Monday, April 16, 2001


Tutorial Q at the MRS Spring Meeting (San Francisco, CA)

Presentation Slides: 

Femtosecond Techniques 1. Linear and nonlinear propagation of light a. Propagation of electromagnetic waves in dense media b. Dielectric function c. Lorentz equations, Drude model d. Pulse dispersion c. Nonlinear response f. Second harmonic generation and inversion symmetry (*) g. Self phase modulation and self-focusing h. Continuum generation 2. Femtosecond measurements a. Pump-probe technique b. Dispersion compensation techniques (*) c. Representation of pulses; Wigner representation d. Temporal characterization of pulses e. Joint time-frequency measurements (*) f. Frequency-resolved optical gating g. Limits of frequency and time resolution (*) *Worksheets format