Flipping the Science Classroom: How to Turn your Students' Worlds Upside Down

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Thursday, November 1, 2012


The Center for Scientific Teaching: Science Education Speakers Series, Yale University (New Haven, CT)

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In a flipped classroom, instructors typically move information coverage outside the classroom so that they can better leverage in-class time to address student misunderstandings and misconceptions about subject matter. The most basic and popular iteration of a flipped class is pre-recording lectures on key concepts, called screencasting, and putting them online for viewing and engagement before class. In this workshop, Dr. Julie Schell will provide an overview of the history of the flipped classroom and introduce a set of innovative tools that go beyond screencasting, tools that instructors can use to create learning environments that motivate student engagement both in and outside the classroom. The workshop will feature a new classroom response system developed in the Mazur Group at Harvard University to facilitate one popular research-based flipped class method called Peer Instruction.