The interaction of infrared radiation with isolated molecules: intramolecular nonequilibrium

Presentation Date: 

Saturday, November 1, 1986


Lasers ¹86 Conference (Orlando, FL)
Anti-Stokes signals from various modes of isolated, infrared multiple photon excited molecules are measured to determine the intramolecular distribution of vibrational energy. This paper presents results for CF2HCl, CF2Cl2, SF6 and 1,1-C2H4F2. All but CF2HCl exhibit collisionless changes in Raman spectrum after infrared multiphoton excitation. This shows that the excitation modifies the population of these modes. Even though the symmetric SF6 molecule reaches an intramolecular equilibrium within the 20 ns time resolution of the experiment, the other molecules exhibit a distinct nonequilibrium intramolecular distribution of vibrational excitation energy.