Femtosecond dynamics of molecular reactions at metal surfaces


R. J. Finlay and E. Mazur. 1998. “Femtosecond dynamics of molecular reactions at metal surfaces.” In Ultrafast Dynamics of Quantum Systems: Physical Processes and Spectroscopic Techniques, edited by B. Di Bartolo, Pp. 87–142. Plenum Press. Publisher's Version


These lectures are an introduction to current research into photo-induced chemical reactions at metal surfaces. After an introduction to some qualitative quantum mechanics, we discuss the electronic and optical properties of metals, beginning from an introductory level. The Drude model is described in detail and then optical properties of matter are developed more completely by introducing band structures. The physics governing adsorption of reactants at a metal surface and other fundamental concepts in surface science are introduced. We describe the interaction with a subpicosecond laser pulse with a metal surface in preparation for discussion of some recent photochemistry experiments using subpicosecond laser pulses. The experiments address the nature of the photo-excited electrons that are responsible for chemical reaction of the adsorbates.
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