Light scattering from nonequilibrium interfaces


D. S. Chung, K. Y. Christina Lee, and E. Mazur. 1988. “Light scattering from nonequilibrium interfaces.” Int. J. of Thermophysics, 9, Pp. 729–737. Publisher's Version


The asymmetry of the two Brillouin peaks of light scattered from capillary waves on a water-nitrogen interface subject to a temperature gradient has been observed using a Fourier transform heterodyne technique. The local oscillator is frequency-shifted by a few kHz to separate the Stokes and anti- Stokes components. Although the sign and the order of magnitude of the effect agree with linear theory, the magnitude of the experimental asymmetry is about one half of the one predicted by linear fluctuating hydrodynamics. Key Words: capillary wave, heterodyne, nonequilibrium interface, surface light scattering, water
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