Microstructuring of silicon with femtosecond laser pulses


T. Her, R. J. Finlay, C. Wu, S. Deliwala, and E. Mazur. 1998. “Microstructuring of silicon with femtosecond laser pulses.” Appl. Phys. Lett., 73, Pp. 1673–1675. Publisher's Version


We report that silicon surfaces develop an array of sharp conical spikes when irradiated with 500 laser pulses of 100-fs duration, 10-kJ/m2 fluence in 500-torr SF6 or Cl2. The spikes are up to 40-m tall, and taper to about 1-m diameter at the tip. Irradiation of silicon surfaces in N2, Ne, or vacuum creates structured surfaces, but does not create the sharp conical spikes.
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