Multimode phase-matched third-harmonic generation in sub-micrometer-wide anatase TiO2 waveguides


C. C. Evans, K. Shtyrkova, O. Reshef, M. Gerhard Moebius, J. D.B. Bradley, S. Griesse-Nascimento, E. Ippen, and E. Mazur. 2015. “Multimode phase-matched third-harmonic generation in sub-micrometer-wide anatase TiO2 waveguides.” Optics Express, 23, Pp. 7832–7841. Publisher's Version


Third-harmonic generation (THG) has applications ranging from wavelength conversion to pulse characterization, and has important implications for quantum sources of entangled photons. However, on-chip THG devices are nearly unexplored because bulk techniques are difficult to adapt to integrated photonic circuits. Using sub- micrometer-wide polycrys- talline anatase TiO2 waveguides, we demonstrate third-harmonic generation on a CMOS-compatible platform. We correlate higher conversion effi- ciencies with phase-matching between the fundamental pump mode and higher-order signal modes. Using scattered light, we estimate conversion efficiencies as high as 2.5% using femtosecond pulses, and thus demonstrate that multimode TiO2 waveguides are promising for wideband wavelength conversion and new applications ranging from sensors to triplet-photon sources.
Last updated on 07/24/2019