Senftleben-Beenakker effects in diffusing and heat conducting gas mixtures


E. Mazur, G. W. t Hooft, L. J. F. Hermans, and H. F. P. Knaap. 1978. “Senftleben-Beenakker effects in diffusing and heat conducting gas mixtures.” In . Proc. 11th Symposium on Rarefied Gas Dynamics. Publisher's Version


The influence of an external field on the transport phenomena in polyatomic gases leads to detailed information about the kinetic theory of such gases. In particular, a magnetic field gives rise to transverse transport, perpendicular to both the macroscopic gradient and the field. The present experimental results, along with other recent results from our laboratory, comprise a complete set of data on such transverse effects occurring in heat conducting and diffusing gas mixtures, viz., simple heat conduction and diffusion and also their cross effects, thermal diffusion and the diffusion-thermo effect. Special emphasis is given to the phenomenology of these effects and to experimental techniques.
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