Submicron and nano-diameter silica wires for optical wave guiding


L. Tong, R. R. Gattass, J. Lou, J. B. Ashcom, M. Shen, and E. Mazur. 2002. “Submicron and nano-diameter silica wires for optical wave guiding.” In . Proceedings of the Asia-Pacific Optical and Wireless Communications 2002 SPIE Meeting. Publisher's Version


Based on the exact solutions of Maxwells equations, we have studied the basic theoretical properties of submicron and nano-diameter air-cladding silica-wire waveguides. The single-mode condition and the modal field of the fundamental modes have been obtained. Silica wires with diameters of 100-1000nm and lengths ranging from hundreds of micrometer to over 1 millimeter have been fabricated. SEM examination shows that these wires have uniform diameters and smooth surfaces, which are favorable for optical wave guiding. Light has been sent into these wires by optical coupling, and guiding light through a bent wire has also been demonstrated. These wires are promising for assembling photonic devices on a micron or submicron scale.
Last updated on 07/24/2019