Surface femtochemistry: What is the role of substrate electrons?


R. J. Finlay, T. Her, S. Deliwala, C. Wu, W. D. Mieher, and E. Mazur. 1996. “Surface femtochemistry: What is the role of substrate electrons?” In FEMTOCHEMISTRY: Ultrafast Chemical and Physical Processes in Molecular Systems, edited by M. Chergui, Pp. 457–464. World Scientific. Publisher's Version


The desorption of O2 from O2/Pt(111) and the formation of CO2 from CO/O2/Pt(111) are measured following excitation at various laser wavelengths with pulse durations from 80-fs to 3.6-ps. The trends in the reaction yield reflect a reaction mechanism in which substrate electrons out of thermal equilibrium interact with the adsorbates. We also demonstrate a rudimentary control of branching ratio using subpicosecond ultraviolet laser pulses.
Last updated on 07/24/2019