Flipping the Classroom: How to Turn Your Students' World Right-side Up

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Thursday, August 8, 2013


Turning Technologies Webinar (New York, NY)

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Instructors all over the globe are turning their students' worlds around by flipping their classrooms. In a flipped class, teachers move information coverage out of the lecture hall so that they can better leverage in-class time to address student difficulties and misconceptions. In this interactive webinar, Dr. Julie Schell will flip the workshop by providing brief introductory, pre-workshop activities to participants. She will use responses from these activities in the workshop and discuss the why, what, and how of flipped classrooms by confronting and resolving a series common myths about flipped teaching. Please fill out this form before coming to the webinar - http://bit.ly/flippingtheclass And note, this is not a session on how to create lecture videos.