Leveraging Technology to Enhance Evidence-Based Pedagogy: A Case Study of Peer Instruction in Norway

Presentation Date: 

Friday, March 22, 2013


Universidad del Norte (Barranquilla, Colombia)

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Peer Instruction (PI) is an evidence-based, interactive teaching method developed by Eric Mazur at Harvard University in the 1990s. PI has been adopted across the disciplines, in every institutional type, and in classrooms throughout the world. A global community of innovative educators, the Peer Instruction Network connects users worldwide and provides opportunities for sharing and learning about PI. While PI can be implemented using basic classroom tools, it is enhanced when paired with educational technologies. In this presentation, PI expert and Peer Instruction Network co-founder, Dr. Julie Schell will introduce Peer Instruction and outline the ways technology can enhance it's use implementation. Dr. Christine Lindstrom, a Peer Instruction Network member and professor at Akerhus Univerity College in Oslo Norway, will describe how she transitioned from using basic classroom resources to implement Peer Instruction to using technology-based classroom response systems, or clickers to change her instruction of future teachers.