High Order Waveguide Modes in ZnO Nanowires


T. Voss, G. Thomas Svacha, E. Mazur, S. Mueller, C. Ronning, D. Konjhodzic, and F. Marlow. 2007. “High Order Waveguide Modes in ZnO Nanowires.” Nanoletters, 7, Pp. 3675–3680. Publisher's Version


We use tapered silica fibers to inject laser light into ZnO nanowires with diameters around 250 nm to study their waveguiding properties. We find that high-order waveguide modes are frequently excited and carry significant intensity at the wire surface. Numerical simulations reproduce the experimental observations and indicate a coupling efficiency between silica and ZnO nanowires of 50%. Experimentally, we find an emission angle from the ZnO nanowires of about 90, which is in agreement with the simulations.
Last updated on 07/24/2019