Flipped Classrooms 101—An Introduction to Flipped Learning

Presentation Date: 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Digital Solutions Complimentary Webinar Series, Pearson Thought Leadership (New York, NY)

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Instructors all over the globe are turning their students' worlds around by flipping classrooms. In a flipped class, teachers move information coverage out of the lecture hall so that they can better leverage in-class time to address students’ difficulties and misconceptions. In this interactive webinar, Dr. Julie Schell will flip the session by asking participants to complete brief pre-webinar activities. She will use responses from these activities during the session to explore the why, what, and how of flipped classrooms—why flipped learning increases student achievement and engagement, what flipped learning is, and how to change teaching practices to implement a flipped classroom. She will also examine common myths about flipped learning. Please fill out the pre-webinar activity form at http://bit.ly/flippingtheclass before attending the webinar.