Using project- and team-based learning to promote ownership of learning., at Faculty Development Workshop, Touro College, New Your, NY

The teaching of physics to engineering students has remained stagnant for close to a century. In this novel team-based, project-based approach, we break the mold by giving students ownership of their learning. This new course has no standard lectures or exams, yet students’ conceptual gains are significantly greater than those obtained in traditional courses. The course blends six best practices to deliver a learning experience that helps students develop important skills, including communication, estimation, problem solving, and team skills, in addition to a solid conceptual...

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Let's set learning free!

Traditionally education has been constrained by the walls of the physical classroom, requiring education to be synchronous and at a pace that is typically set by the instructor. The pandemic opened the door to learning without physical classroom, hinting at a future where students are engaged across time and space in a blended environment.